Ayman Al-Zawahiri


August 19, 2022

Ayman Muhammad Rabie Mustafa Abdul Karim al-Zawahiri (June 19, 1951 - July 31, 2022) is one of the founders of al-Qaeda and the second emir to succeed Osama bin Laden after he was killed in 2011 by an American operation. He worked as an advisor to Osama bin Laden, the leader of the banned Islamic Jihad organization in Egypt. He was killed by a US air strike in Kabul on July 31, 2022, which was denounced by the Taliban government as a violation of the sovereignty of Afghanistan. Ain Shams, broke away from the Brotherhood and helped found the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Al-Zawahiri traveled to Afghanistan from Jeddah to participate in the Afghan jihad in 1985 AD and worked as a doctor at the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Hospital in Peshawar. His relationship with bin Laden has been strengthened since 1986 AD and continued until they together established an organization Al-Qaeda Jihad in February 1989, and some experts believe that it is one of the main elements behind the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States. Al-Zawahiri's name was second after bin Laden in a list of 22 of the most wanted terrorists by the United States after 2001. The US government has allocated a reward of $25 million for anyone who helps find him. Al-Zawahiri participated in the war in Afghanistan after the US invasion in 2001, where he allied himself Al-Qaeda is with the Taliban to fight the US army. Al-Zawahiri confirmed his pledge of allegiance to the Taliban emir, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzadeh.


Al-Zawahiri, born in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, comes from a middle-class family, which has many doctors, as one of his uncles was the first Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, and his father, Muhammad, who died in 1995, was a professor of pharmacology at the same university.


His father, Dr. Muhammad al-Shafi’i al-Zawahiri, is one of the most famous Egyptian doctors for dermatology, and his grandfather is from his father, Sheikh Muhammad al-Ahmadi al-Zawahiri, one of the sheikhs of al-Azhar, and he is the sheikh of al-Zawahiri, a branch of the Nafi’at tribe that belongs to Nafi’ ibn Thawran ibn Awf ibn Tha’alba from Ta’i. As for his maternal grandfather, he is Abd al-Wahhab Azzam, a man of literature in Egypt before the 1952 revolution, and his maternal uncle is Abd al-Rahman Azzam, the first Secretary-General of the Arab League. Ayman Al-Zawahiri lived in the village of Rizeigat Bahri, the center of Armant, Luxor Governorate, for a long time.

Political Islam activity

Al-Zawahiri engaged in free activities