Ottoman Empire


January 20, 2022

The Ottoman State, or the Attic Ottoman State (in Ottoman Turkish: the Ottoman Empire; in modern Turkish: Yüce Osmanlı Devleti, from the first Ottoman Empire in the year 600 until the founding of the Ottoman Empire was close to the year 600), or October 29, 1923 AD. The Ottoman state arose initially as a border emirate of Turkmen working in the service of the Sultanate of Seljuk Rum, and respond to the Byzantine raids from the lands of Islam, and after the fall of the aforementioned Sultanate, the independence of the Turkmen emirates affiliated to it, including the Ottoman emirate, which was destined to swallow up the rest of the Emirates with the passage of time. The Ottomans crossed into Eastern Europe for the first time after 1354 AD, and during the subsequent years the Ottomans were able to conquer most of the Balkan countries, so their small emirate turned into a large state, and it was the first Islamic country to take a foothold in the Balkans. The Byzantine Empire, having lived for eleven or more centuries, under the leadership of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The Ottoman Empire reached the height of its glory and power during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Its lands extended to include large parts of the three continents of the ancient world: Europe, Asia and Africa; Where he underwent the whole of Asia Minor, and large parts of southeastern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. The number of the Ottoman states reached 29, and the state had nominal sovereignty over a number of neighboring countries and emirates in Europe, some of which became an actual part of the state over time, while others gained a kind of autonomy. When the Ottomans annexed the Levant, Egypt and the Hijaz in 1517 AD, and overthrew the Mamluk state after it had become aging and declining in power, the last Abbasid caliph residing in Cairo, Muhammad al-Mutawakkil, ceded the caliphate to Sultan Selim I, and since then the sultans of the Othman family have become the caliphs of the Muslims. The Ottoman state also had sovereignty over a few distant countries, either by virtue of being Islamic countries that legally follow the Sultan of the Othman family, as he bears the title of “Commander of the Faithful” and “Caliph of the Muslims”; As in the case of the Sumatran Aceh Sultanate, which declared its allegiance to the Sultan in 1565 AD, or by acquiring it for a temporary period; As in the case of the island of “Anzarote” in the Atlantic Ocean, which was conquered by the Ottomans in 1585 AD. The Ottoman Empire became during the reign of Sultan Suleiman I “the Magnificent” (ruled from 1520 AD until the

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