January 20, 2022

Cairo is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the largest and most important city at all. It is the largest Arab city in terms of population and area, and occupies the second place in Africa and seventeenth in the world in terms of population, with a population of 21,322,750 million people according to statistics in 2021. They represent 20% of the total Egypt's population (100 million people). The city of Cairo is one of the most culturally diverse cities, as it witnessed many different historical eras throughout the ages, and there are many ancient and modern monuments, and it has become an open museum that includes Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic antiquities. The history of the city goes back to the emergence of the pharaonic city of On or Heliopolis "Ain Shams now", which is one of the oldest cities in the ancient world. As for Cairo in its current style, the history of its establishment dates back to the Islamic conquest of Egypt by Amr Ibn Al-Aas in 641 AD and his establishment of the city of Fustat, then the establishment of the Abbasid city of the city of Al-Askar. Al-Siqilli built the new capital of the Fatimid state by order of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah in the year 969 AD, and the Caliph named it “Cairo”. Cairo - throughout the ages - has been called by many names, as it is the city of a thousand minarets, Egypt Al-Mahrousa and Cairo Al-Muizz. During the Islamic era, Cairo witnessed the finest architecture, which was represented in the construction of castles, forts, walls, schools and mosques, which gave it an aesthetic glimpse that is still present in its old neighborhoods until now. Cairo is considered a governorate and a city, meaning that it is a governorate that occupies the entire area of ​​one city, and at the same time a large city that forms a governorate in its own right, and is divided into 37 neighborhoods. In 969 AD, Cairo is now more than 1044 years old. Cairo is also the seat of many regional and international organizations, where the headquarters of the League of Arab States are located, and the regional offices of: the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Federation International Telecommunication, United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Women, United Nations Development Program Headquarters, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, as well as the headquarters of the African Basketball Confederation.


Gossip differed about the reason for calling Cairo by this name.

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