International Organization of Francophones


January 20, 2022

The International Organization of the Francophones (French: Organization Internationale de la Francophonie) is an international organization of states and governments speaking the French language (as an official or common language).[1] As of December 2014, the organization consists of 80 countries and governments: 57 members and 23 observers, the meaning of the word Francophone.


The term Francophone was developed by the French geographer Onesim Roccolo, who defined it in 1880 as the sum of people and countries that use the French language in many subjects. The Lebanese writer and political researcher Qassem Muhammad Othman defined Francophone as a reality of living, a pattern of thinking and a way of life, before it was an engagement in a political model or in a geographical entity. It is an entity in which man moves within his ethnic, national and religious diversity, and it is a place of convergence between people, exchanging information, transferring knowledge and sharing culture. It is a framework for fruitful cross-fertilization and an appreciation of life in the human and moral sense of the word. For all of this, Francophonie lives, develops and consolidates within pluralism and respect for the other's characteristics, idiosyncrasies and choices. The Francophone Organization includes 55 member states that were former colonies of France, as well as 13 countries that have observer status. In addition to the old French colonies, the organization includes countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and the Canadian province of Quebec. It was established on March 20, 1970, so this day has become an international day to celebrate the Francophonie. The organization supervises several bodies: • Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation, established in 1970. • The Federation of Universities Speaking Wholly or Partly in French (Agence Francophone University). Senghor University in Alexandria, Egypt, which was established in 1989. • The World Association of Francophone Mayors. • Association of Francophone Mayors of Municipalities. • TV5 (TV5 Monde), established in 1985. Since 1998, it was announced in Bucharest the establishment of an organization called the International Organization of Francophonie, which refers to the totality of the Francophone organizations. The Francophone Conference meets every two years. The position of Secretary-General of the Francophonie was created in 1997 and elected for a four-year term. Boutros Boutros-Ghali was appointed and succeeded by former Senegalese President Abdou Diouf. The Francophonie affirms its guardianship over the political affairs of the world for the member states, as well as assisting the members in organizing elections and accommodating some economic development projects.

Organization Activities

The organization carries out a set of activities to promote the French language, which is held through an international organization comprising fifty-five countries and governments as well as the French-speaking communities as an official language other than the mother, and is known as the "International Organization of French

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