Al-Ahly Club (Egypt)


January 20, 2022

Al-Ahly Gymnastics Club, or as it is known in short as Al-Ahly Club, is a professional Egyptian sports club that plays in the Egyptian Premier League, headquartered in Cairo, and is the only club in Egypt besides Zamalek that has not been relegated to the Second Division. Al-Ahly Club was founded on April 24, 1907 by many dignitaries in Egypt, such as Omar Lotfi Bey, Amin Sami Pasha, Mustafa Kamel and Talaat Harb. Headed by the Englishman Michael Ennis, and in 1909 the first football stadium was established in the club’s history and was called (Al Hosh), and this stadium developed until it became under its current name (Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium), and the first football team was established in 1911, and the number of games inside Al-Ahly Club reached in 1916 to 4 games are football, tennis, billiards and gymnastics. Al-Ahly club has a strong competition with Zamalek, who are considered the two poles of Egyptian football, and their matches are known as the Cairo derby or the summit match. Al-Ahly club is the most successful Egyptian, Arab and African club in football. Al-Ahly won 24 continental championships, placing it in second place among the world clubs behind Real Madrid, which won 26 continental championships, and Al-Ahly won 142 championships, placing it in first place among the world clubs. On the local level, Al-Ahly club won the Egyptian Premier League Shield 42 times, the last of which was the Shield of 2020, and won the Egypt Cup 37 times, most recently in 2020, and has also won the Egyptian Super Cup 11 times, the Cairo District League 15 times, and the Sultan Hussein Cup 7 times. He also won the United Arab Republic Cup once, and the Egyptian Federation Refresher Cup once. On the African level, the team won the African Champions League 10 times, the last of which was in 2021, during which it qualified for the Club World Cup for the seventh time in its history, the African Super Cup 8 times in addition to the African Confederation Cup once, the African Club Cup Winners’ Cup 4 times, and the Afro-Asian Cup For clubs once, and at the Arab level, the team won the Arab Cup for Champions Clubs once, the Arab Cup for Cup Winners Clubs once, and the Arab Super Cup twice. Al-Ahly holds the record for winning the Egyptian Premier League, the Egypt Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup The Cairo District League and Sultan Hussein Cup

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