World Cup 1990


January 20, 2022

1990 FIFA World Cup The 14th tournament in the history of the FIFA World Cup, which was held in Italy from June 8 to July 8, and this tournament made Italy the second country to organize this global event twice on its soil.


The United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica and the Republic of Ireland participated in this tournament for the first time. While we note the presence of the United States of America for the first time after an absence that lasted for forty years, while the Egyptian team returned after an absence of 56 years.

Tournament Host Cities

The tournament hosted 12 cities:


The tournament system remained as it was in the previous tournament in 1986, where 24 teams qualified for the finals and the teams were divided into six groups. San Siro in Milan, Cameroon became the focus of everyone's attention in this tournament. Argentina woke up from what it was in and was able, after the Cameroon match, to return to the atmosphere of the tournament, defeating Brazil in the final price round and beating Italy in the semi-finals. Andreas Brema, the only goal of the match in the 85th minute of the match. Everyone considered the 1990 FIFA World Cup one of the most boring tournaments, as the rate of goals decreased significantly and red cards appeared 16 times, and West Germany is considered one of the few teams that chose to attack its opponents in matches, most of the teams resorted to the safe playing system and resorting to kicks The penalty shoot-out after 120 minutes of play. Two Arab teams participated in this tournament, namely Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE team did not make any progress in this tournament and lost all its matches, while the Egyptian team managed to achieve two draws against the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands, while losing the third meeting against the England team.

First round

First group

The second group

The third group

Fourth group

Fifth group

Sixth group

The third-placed runners-up for the second round


Final Round

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