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January 20, 2022

Counselor Tahani Mohamed El-Gabali (November 20, 1950 - January 9, 2022) is the former Vice-President of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, and the first Egyptian woman to assume the judicial profession in the contemporary era, and she is still the Egyptian woman who occupied the highest judicial position in the history of Egypt.

Beginning of her life and death

She was born to a family from one of the northern governorates of western Egypt, which got the fifth place in the Egyptian level in the General Secondary Certificate Then she entered the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, and graduated in 1973, then obtained her postgraduate studies in Islamic Sharia and constitutional law. She died due to the consequences of her infection with the Corona virus.

Her career

After her graduation, she worked as a lawyer for 30 years and was a lawyer at the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Courts until the decision to appoint her as a judge. Women in the union itself to represent Arab women and also chair the “anti-racism and Zionism” committee in the union, in addition to her work as a key lecturer at the Training and Information Technology Center of the Arab Lawyers Union, and also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, a legal expert at the United Nations and a commercial arbitrator International and lecturer at the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia and a member of the Legislative and Political Committee of the National Council for Women. She was also elected two terms in a row as a member of the Egyptian Bar Association Council as the first female lawyer since the union’s establishment in 1912. She worked as a legal advisor to many economic institutions and taught law in some universities. She is a member of the Law Committee of the Supreme Council for Culture, a member of the Advisory Board of the Library of Alexandria and President of the Cairo Cultural Gathering Foundation.

Appointed as a judge in the Constitutional Court

On January 22, 2003, a republican decision was issued appointing her the Vice-President of the Constitutional Court within the advisory body of the Supreme Constitutional Court as the first Egyptian female judge, until 2007, when 32 female judges were appointed in that year, making Tahani the holder of the highest judicial position held by a woman in Egypt. The decision to appoint her sparked widespread controversy in religious, political and judicial circles themselves, and she participated in many dialogues with opponents of her appointment. It is reported that the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, before her appointment, had issued a fatwa that women holding the position of the judiciary is acceptable from a legal point of view.

Dismissed from her post

She was excluded from the position of Vice-President of the Constitutional Court in the rule of former President Mohamed Morsi through the text of D

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