Jaafar bin Abi Talib


January 20, 2022

Jaafar bin Abi Talib bin Abdul Muttalib Al-Hashimi Al-Qurashi, known as Ja’far Al-Tayyar, and Dhul-Wannah, is a companion and Muslim leader, and one of the first forerunners to Islam, and he is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and one of his ministers, for his saying: The companions of Ngbaa and Ministers, I was given fourteen: Hamza, Jafar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, and Abu Bakr, and Abdullah bin Masoud, Abu Dhar, Al-Madad, Salafa, Ammar, Ammar, and Al-Ammar. Jaafar is the brother of Ali bin Abi Talib to his parents, and it is said that he was the most like the Messenger Muhammad in character and character. Jaafar bin Abi Talib embraced Islam, then emigrated with a group of Muslims to Abyssinia, and they stayed there with its Negus king. Then Jaafar emigrated to Medina on the day of the conquest of Khaybar, and he had two emigrations: an emigration to Abyssinia, and an emigration to Medina, and the Messenger made a brotherhood between him and Muadh ibn Jabal al-Khazraji al-Ansari. Jaafar bin Abi Talib witnessed the Battle of Mutah, which took place in the eighth year of the Hijrah between Muslims and the Romans, and he was the Emir of the Muslim army if their first leader, Zaid bin Haritha, was wounded. Sterhat, talked to him. Jaafar was buried in the Mutah area, and he has a shrine located in the town of Al Mazar Al Janoubi in Jordan, south of the city of Karak.


He is «Jafar bin Abi Talib (his name is Abd Manaf) bin Abdul Muttalib (his name is Shaybah) bin Hashem (his name is Amr) bin Abd Manaf (his name is al-Mughirah) bin Qusay (his name is Zaid) bin Kilab bin Murrah bin Ka`b bin Luay bin Ghalib bin Fahr bin Malik bin Al-Nadr (his name is Qais) and he is Quraish bin Kinana bin Khuzayma bin Madrakah (his name is Amer) bin Elias bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Maad bin Adnan. This is what is agreed upon from his lineage, and it is almost the same lineage of the Prophet Muhammad, both of whom are descendants of Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim. As for what is above Maad bin Adnan, there is much difference in it, but it has been proven that Adnan's lineage ends with Ismail bin Ibrahim. Jaafar is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, and Ali bin Abi Talib’s brother to his parents, and he was ten years older than Ali, and his brother Aqil was ten years older than him, and their brother Talib was ten years older than Aqeel. His mother: “Fatima bint Asad bin Hashim bin Abd Manaf the Hashemite Al-Qurashi.” She is his mother and the mother of his brothers, Talib, Aqil and Ali, and she converted to Islam and behold.

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