Direct Aid Association


July 6, 2022

Direct Aid Society is a charitable, humanitarian, non-governmental organization that carries out development work targeting the continent of Africa, and is based in Kuwait. In a scientific statistical manner. It is concerned with education in all its forms as a basic means to change the situation in which people live in Africa, under the slogan “Education is a legitimate right for every child in Africa”. . A small idea started under the name of the Malawi Muslims Committee since it was founded in 1981 AD, but the need was in Malawi and elsewhere, so in 1984 the name was changed to the African Muslims Committee, and over time the name changed a third time to the Direct Aid Society in 1999, due to the programs Development and aid have reached both Muslims and non-Muslims. It has been registered with the United Nations as a relief body working in more than 40 African countries since its inception in 1981. It is a member of the United Nations under the Department of the Consultative, Economic and Social Council, and it has diplomatic status and immunity in a number of countries under international agreements With the foreign ministries of these countries, it also signed a number of agreements with international and Arab organizations, the most important of which are a cooperation agreement with the World Health Organization and agreements with UNICEF in South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Kenya, and with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees in Mali and Guinea, among others. Although the association specializes in its work in Africa, after the Anglo-American war on Iraq ended, it carried out a relief mission to help the Iraqi people, as the association allocated two million dollars to support poor Iraqi students and help needy families. A traffic accident in the Kut area - 160 kilometers west of Baghdad - after the car carrying him and his companions collided with a truck, which suddenly stopped, which resulted in him suffering fractures and separate injuries, during which he was treated in a Kut hospital and then transferred to Al-Razi Hospital in Kuwait to complete his treatment. A radio station for the Noble Qur’an, I started by establishing a station in the Republic of Togo, and there are 100 stations that are being worked on in various stages of implementation in different regions of Africa. The cost of one station is ten thousand Kuwaiti dinars, which includes the necessary equipment and operating expenses for an entire year. Won second place in the Forbes Middle East Award for