October 28, 2021

Passeriformes are a huge order of birds to which more than half of the bird species belong, and it is one of the most diverse orders of vertebrates with 5400 species, almost twice the number of the most diverse orders of mammals and rodents. Perching birds are meant, i.e. those that linger on the ground, and adhere to their place. Most types of birds belong to this characteristic. Perching birds include 5,425 birds in the world out of 9,200 birds, scattered in all parts of the earth. They are known as garden birds, where most of them live in green meadows and forests. Which you prefer, where the environment is wide, and some of them live in grasslands that you prefer camouflaged, so that you can hide in them.


Suborder Al Asafir (Scientific Name: Passeres) Suborder Tyranni (Scientific Name: King Sparrows) Suborder of bowler sparrows (Scientific name: Acanthisitti)

of species

Swallow dark cliff Eurasian cliff swallow rock swallow

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