Egyptian State Constitution (1923)


January 24, 2022

The 1923 Constitution, is a constitution that came into force in royal Egypt from 1923 to 1953. Following the issuance of the February 28, 1922 declaration recognizing Egypt as an independent and sovereign state, a new constitution was drawn up for the country issued on April 19, 1923 to replace the regular law Number 29 For the year 1913, it was established by a thirty-member committee that included representatives of political parties, popular leaders and leaders of the national movement. This committee was claimed by Abdel-Khaleq Tharwat. That constitution stipulates that the government of Egypt is a “hereditary monarchy with a representative form.” The 1923 Constitution remained in force since its issuance until it was abolished on the twenty-second of October 1930 and the issuance of a new constitution for the country known as the 1930 Constitution. Royal Decree No. 142 of 1935 from King Fuad I of 1935 on December 19, 1935 re-establishing the 1923 constitution. After that, the 1923 constitution remained in effect until the Revolutionary Command Council announced on December 10, 1952 that it was permanently abolished.

The signatories to the Constitution

Yahya Ibrahim (Prime Minister and Minister of Interior) Ahmed Heshmat (Foreign Minister) Mohamed Moheb (Minister of Finance) Ahmed Ziwar (Minister of Transportation) Ahmed Zulfiqar (Minister of Haqqania) Mohamed Tawfiq Refaat (Minister of Public Education) Ahmed Ali (Minister of Awqaf) Mahmoud Azmy (Minister of War and Navy) Hafez Hassan (Minister of Public Works) Fawzi Al-Muta'i (Minister of Agriculture)

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