January 20, 2022

Rohingya or Rohingya (Burmese: ရိုဟင်ဂျာ) is an ethnic group name belonging to Arakan State, western Burma or Myanmar. According to official estimates for the year 2012, there are 800,000 Rohingya in Arakan, and the United Nations considers them the most persecuted minority in the world. Many of them have fled and are living as refugees in camps in neighboring Bangladesh and several areas inside Thailand on the border with Burma.


I disagree on the origin of the term "Rohingya". Some Rohingya historians such as Khalil Rahman assert that the term Rohingya is derived from the Arabic word "mercy", as they traced the term back to the eighth century AD where the story of the shipwreck. According to what they said, an Arab ship wrecked near the island of Ramri with Arab traders, and the king of Arakan ordered the execution of the Arab traders, who were shouting: “Mercy, mercy.” These people were called Raham, and with the passage of time the term changed to Rhohang and then Rohingya. But Jahir Al-Din Ahmed, the former president of the Burma Muslim Conference, and the former secretary of the conference, Nazir Ahmed, disagreed, as they argued that the descendants of the Muslims of the shipwreck are now called Thambu Kiya and are located on the coasts of Arakan. If it is true that the origin of the term Rohingya came from that Muslim group, then The Thambu Kya are the first people by name. Therefore, they say that the ancestral homeland of the Rohingya is the Roha in Afghanistan. As for the historian Choudhury, he says during the Muslim population in Myanmar: that the term Morhaung (ancient Arakanese kingdom) has been corrupted to Rohang, and therefore the inhabitants of that region were called Rohingya. As for Burmese historians, they claim that the term Rohingya did not exist before the 1950s. According to another historian He is Dr. Myung Myung where he said there was no word of Rohingya in the 1824 census survey conducted by the British. Historian Aye Khan of Kanda University of International Studies stated that the term Rohingya came from the ancestors of Bengali people in the 1950s who immigrated to Arakan during the British era. He added that he did not find the term in any historical source in any language before the 1950s, but he said that this does not mean that Muslim societies did not exist before 1824. In the late eighteenth century, in a report published by the British Francis Buchanan Hamilton in paragraph 1799 on “Comparative Vocabulary for Some Languages ​​Spoken in the Kingdom of Burma,” Buchanan Hamilton stated: “Three dialects have now been added that are used in the Burma Empire, but they are clearly derived from the language of the country of the Hindus. The first dialects are those spoken by the Mohammedans

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