Sherine Abu Aqleh


May 25, 2022

Shireen Nasri Antoun Abu Aqleh (born on April 3, 1971 in Jerusalem – shot dead by the Zionist army terrorist militia on May 11, 2022 in Jenin) is a Palestinian journalist who worked as a news reporter for the Al Jazeera media network between 1997 and 2022. Sherine Abu Akleh was one of the most prominent journalists in the Arab world, and a veteran reporter, who was described after her death as one of the "most prominent figures in the Arab media". Her career has included covering major Palestinian events including the second intifada as well as analyzing Israeli politics. Her live reporting on television and featured signals were well known, and she inspired many Palestinians and other Arabs to pursue a career in journalism.

Her life

Shireen Abu Aqleh was born on 3 April 1971 in Jerusalem to a Christian family with roots in Bethlehem. She graduated from the Rosary Sisters School in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem. She initially studied architecture at the University of Science and Technology in Jordan, then moved to a major in journalism and media - minor in political science, and obtained a bachelor's degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan in 1991. After graduating, she returned to Palestine and worked in several sites such as: UNRWA, Voice of Palestine Radio, Amman Satellite Channel, then the Muftah Foundation and Monte Carlo Radio. Until she was shot dead by the Israeli occupation army on May 11, 2022. Sherine covered the events of the Palestinian uprising in 2000, the Israeli invasion of Jenin and Tulkarm camp in 2002, and the various Israeli raids and military operations in the Gaza Strip. She was the first Arab journalist to be allowed into Ashkelon prison in 2005, where she interviewed Palestinian prisoners who were sentenced to long prison sentences.

Her assassination

On May 11, 2022, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that she had been shot in the head and that her condition was very critical while covering the Israeli army's incursion into Jenin camp. Minutes later, the Ministry of Health announced that she had died in the emergency department of Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital in Jenin from serious head injuries.


The Director of the Forensic Medicine Department at An-Najah National University, Rayan Al-Ali, announced the completion of the first stage of the autopsy of Abu Aqleh’s body, as he confirmed that there was no evidence that the shooting was from a distance of less than a meter, and added that a mutilated projectile had been kept until it was studied hidden