Ali Al-Huwairini


January 18, 2022

Ali Abdullah Al-Huwairini (May 19, 1945 - January 13, 2022), a Saudi actor, director, thinker and poet, and the first Saudi to obtain a degree in film directing from Hollywood. He was known to be contradictory in his harsh criticism of the Saudi artistic community because of the non-Saudis' control of artistic production in Saudi Arabia, according to his opinion, at a time when he participates in works that non-Saudis are based on, as well as his criticism of what he calls bad drama while he participates in bad works.

Early life and upbringing

Al-Huwairini was born in Al-Bada’i in 1945 AD, then moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He studied film directing in the United States of America, then returned to Saudi Arabia, where he worked in many artistic fields, including the field of broadcast and directing engineering. He did not stop at directing, but extended to participate in acting in some plays.

Business List


philanthropist (1974) Unforgettable Days (1974) Oh Kid Malik Khalaf (1978) Al Maqloof (1978) First Turn (1989) Waddah's Diaries (1992) Al-Sarraj (1994) Soft (1995) Lost Dreams (1997) Oud (2002) Lorem Ipsum (2009) The Handmaid (2009)


under the chairs last ride lucky train Kuala Lumpur incense Red Mercury

From his poems

O Sidra Al-Haqq poem: Yemen poem: Poem the wise said an article: And another poem by him:


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