Omar Bin Abdulaziz


August 19, 2022

Abu Hafs Omar bin Abdul Aziz bin Marwan bin Al-Hakam Al-Qurashi (61 AH / 681 AD - 101 AH / 720 AD), is the eighth Umayyad caliph, Omar the second. He was born in the year 61 AH in Medina, and grew up there with his uncles from the family of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. He was influenced by them and the community of companions in Medina, and he was very eager to seek knowledge. In the year 87 AH, the Caliph Al-Walid bin Abdul-Malik appointed him over the Emirate of Medina, then joined him the state of Taif in the year 91 AH, so he became the governor of all of the Hijaz, then was isolated from it and moved to Damascus. When Suleiman bin Abdul Malik assumed the caliphate, he brought him close and made him a minister and advisor to him, then made him his crown prince. When Suleiman died in the year 99 AH, Omar took over the caliphate. The caliphate of Omar bin Abdul Aziz was distinguished by a number of advantages, including: justice and equality, restitution of the grievances that his ancestors from the Umayyads had committed, and the removal and punishment of all unjust rulers, as he restored the work of the Shura, and that is why many scholars considered him the fifth of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, as he was interested in legal sciences , and commanded the codification of the hadith of the Prophet. The caliphate of Omar lasted two years, five months and four days, until he was poisoned in 101 AH, and Yazid bin Abdul Malik took over the caliphate after him.

His lineage and his family

He is: Abu Hafs Omar bin Abdul Aziz bin Marwan bin Al-Hakam bin Abi Al-Aas bin Umayya bin Abd Shams bin Abd Manaf bin Qusay bin Kilab bin Murrah bin Kaab bin Luay bin Ghalib bin Fahr bin Malik bin Al-Nadr bin Kinanah bin Khuzaymah bin Madrakah bin Elias bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Maad bin Adnan Al-Umayyad Al-Qurashi Al-Madani and then Al-Masri. His father: Abd al-Aziz ibn Marwan ibn al-Hakam, he was one of the best princes of Banu Umayyah, and he remained the emir of Egypt for more than twenty years. And when he wanted to get married, he said to his values: “Collect for me four hundred dinars of my good money, for I want to marry to the people of a house who have goodness.” So he married Umm Asim bint Asim bin Omar bin Al-Khattab (and it was said her name was Laila). His mother: Umm Asim Laila bint Asim bin Omar bin Al-Khattab. Her father: Abu Amr Asim bin Omar bin Al-Khattab Al-Qurashi Al-Adawi. He was born in the days of prophecy and spoke on the authority of his father. He was tall and generous, one of the noble men, a benevolent and righteous religion, and he was an eloquent, eloquent poet. And his mother: She is Jamila bint Thabet bin Abi Al-Aqlah Al-Ansari. As for his maternal grandmother, she had a position with Omar bin Al-Khattab, on the authority of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair bin Aslam on the authority of his father, on the authority of his grandfather Aslam, he said: His brothers: Abdul Aziz bin Marwan (the father of Omar bin Abdul Aziz) had ten children, and they are: Omar, Abu Bakr, Muhammad and Asim, and these are their mother, Laila bint Asim bin Omar bin Al-Khattab, and he has six others: Al-Asbagh, Sahel, Suhail, Umm Al-Hakam, Zayan and Umm Al-Baneen. . And Asim was the one who called his mother Laila bint Asim bin Omar bin Al-Khattab, so her nickname was Umm Asim.

His birth and upbringing


Omar Bin was born