Gabriel Borek


January 20, 2022

Gabriel Boric Fonte (born on February 11, 1986 in Punta Arenas) is a Chilean left-wing politician, member of the Social Convergence Party. He is a Chilean statesman. A facet of the 2011 student movement, he has served as a deputy since 2014 and became the radical left's candidate in the 2021 presidential election, which he won in the second round against far-right candidate José Antonio Caste. On December 19, 2021, Gabriel Boric was elected President of the Republic, after receiving 56 percent of the vote against his rival, José Antonio Caste, who received 44 percent. At the age of 35 at the time of his election, he is the youngest elected president in the country's history. He will be inaugurated as president on March 11, 2022, and will succeed outgoing President Sebastian Pinera.

Birth and upbringing

Gabriel Borek was born on February 11, 1986 in Punta Arenas, in the far south of Chile, where he grew up with his two brothers in a leftist family that always voted for the Chilean Socialist Party. From 1999 to 2000, he participated in the re-establishment of the High School Students Union in Punta Arenas. Then, in 2004, he moved to study at the University of Chile's Law School in the capital, Santiago, where she leads the university's student association. He then rose to become in 2008 an advisor to the student union in his college and then became president of the Center for Law Students in 2009, the year in which he led a protest for 44 days, and represented the students as a member of the university’s Senate. He was elected president with 30.52% of the vote. He is not married yet.

Political career

He participated in the parliamentary elections as an independent candidate, in late 2013, and was elected to the House of Representatives for the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic. He entered the Chilean parliament since 2014 and led a left-wing coalition with the Socialist Party. At first, Borek refused to run in the presidential elections, justifying that he did not have enough experience to run the country, but eventually accepted and won the internal elections of the radical left, representing the "extended front" that was founded In 2017, it includes the spectra of the left. Borek faced right-wing candidate Antonio Caste, who won the first round of the elections, while Borek came second. The equation was reversed in the second round, and the Chilean voter won the victory for the former student leader, who came from the arenas of protest and the direct struggle against the right-wing policies that the country witnessed in recent years. On December 19, 2021, he was elected President of the Republic, after receiving 56 percent of the vote against his rival, Jose Antonio Caste, who received 44 percent. His external positions

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