List of Christopher Nolan's works


May 25, 2022

Since entering the world of filmmaking, the British director, producer and writer Christopher Nolan has contributed to eighteen films (between fiction and short) and his roles have varied in these films, as he directed eleven feature films (the twelfth in production), and four shorts, and wrote or co-wrote the same number. Of the films (eleven feature films, and four short films), he participated in production in fifteen fifteen occasions (12 fiction films, three short films), as well as shooting in five (long films and four short films), and editing in four films; One fiction, three short.


The beginning of his career was during his college years, when he produced two short films, the first under the name Tarantella, which he produced in 1989, and the other called “Theft” or “Scam” (Larceny) produced in 1995 and shot during the weekend in black and white. It was shown at the Cambridge Film Festival in 1996 and was considered one of the best films produced at the university. But the two films were no longer available to watch after they were lost, then he worked on another short film when he was twenty-seven in 1997, titled "Doodlebug", a fantasy and psychological thriller that does not exceed three minutes in length, and its budget is about $1,000. Written, directed, and co-produced by his wife, Emma Thomas, the film, starring Jeremy Theobald, tells the story of a man living in a dingy, untidy apartment as he chases after a tiny creature trying to kill it, and when he finally realizes it's just a miniature version of him, he crushes it with his boots To turn out to be inside a complex spiral, with his face appearing again behind him and in a larger version, the film was well received by critics and praised, as critic Eduardo Tobias described it as very short and very beautiful, while critic Albert Kim said that it might be the best short film ever. A year later, he directed, wrote, filmed, co-produced and edited his second film, Following, which was also co-produced by his wife Emma Thomas and also starred by Jeremy Theobald. It is a black and white crime, mystery and suspense movie that tells the story of a young man. He wanders the streets of London and follows people randomly, so his passion leads him to follow a skilled thief who recognizes him and consolidates their relationship with each other to carry out some acts of theft with each other, before events develop and lead him to enter a large spiral that makes him face criminal charges, the film was produced with a modest budget of not more than 6,000 dollars Nolan spent it from his own money due to the lack of an implemented product for the project, which forced him to hire a doctor