List of Iraqi women ministers


August 19, 2022

Dr. Naziha Al-Dulaimi is the first woman to hold the position of minister in the history of Iraq and the first woman to be appointed as a minister in Arab countries, while there are currently four women ministers in the Iraqi government, they are Nazanin Mohammed, Su Sheikh Mohammed, Evan Faeq Yaqoub and Hiam Nemat.


The list below includes women who have held various ministerial positions in Iraqi governments:


During the rule of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Iraq, the membership of the Revolutionary Command Council in Iraq was equivalent to the rank of a minister. After the occupation of Iraq, the unified coalition authority, which had full powers according to the laws of war and military occupation agreed upon in the United Nations, established a council with limited powers, the Governing Council, whose membership was three women.

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