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January 20, 2022

Carlos Papoulias (Greek: Κάρολος Παπούλιας) (June 4, 1929 - December 26, 2021) was President of Greece from March 21, 2005 until March 13, 2015, before that he was a minister and a member of Parliament. He is fluent in several languages, most notably French, German and Italian.

Papoulias as Minister of Foreign Affairs

In the 1980s Papoulias played a key role in the attempt to find a solution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in Lebanon. He mediated a safe exit for the late President Yasser Arafat and the armed Palestinian resistance factions besieged in Beirut, since Yasser Arafat left Lebanon on a Greek ship in 1983. Papoulias has established strong diplomatic relations with the Arab world, and among his most important achievements are the restoration of normal relations between Greece and Egypt and the improvement of relations between Iran, Armenia and Greece. Papoulias has negotiated with 12 Turkish foreign ministers and succeeded in improving relations between the two countries after bitter relations that have continued since the early 1920s due to the famous land and population exchange. As a result of his efforts, he succeeded in signing the Baboulias-Yilmaz understandings in 1988. Papoulias supported Turkey's request to enter the European Union under two conditions: respect for international law and respect for the values ​​of the European Union.

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