January 18, 2022

January is the first month of the Gregorian year, according to the Syriac names used in the Levant and Iraq. It corresponds to the month of January in the Gulf, Egyptian and Moroccan names, or January, in the Tunisian and Algerian names. According to Lisan Al Arab:

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Canon was associated with winter cold and delusion. Al-Tabari said: For example, the poet says:

In the oriental folklore

January was associated with heritage, folk tales and proverbs in the Arab East. One of the famous proverbs circulating about Kanon Between the two days and February with your neighbor, do not sleep Crazy wedding in Kwanen Your wedding, O Khanun, in Kanon In January, be with your family, crazy one In Kanon, be at home, and get a lot of your firewood and oil In the Deaf Canon, sit at home and sleep In Canon, be kind to the poor like the darkness of canon colder than a hundred canon After Canon, Winter Beihun Canon cloud with crazy fear


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