Wikimedia Foundation


November 29, 2021

The Wikimedia Foundation is a global non-profit organization that promotes, develops and distributes free, multilingual content, and that content is provided within wiki projects open to the public for editing. The Wikimedia Foundation oversees some of the largest projects based on participatory work in the world, the most important and largest of which is Wikipedia, which is one of the 10 most visited sites in the world.

Incorporation and Headquarters

It was founded on June 20, 2003 by Jimmy Wales. It is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and has offices around the world.

The most important activities

Operation of the fifth largest site on the Internet In essence, Wikimedia requires high performance of operation to ensure its continuity. As in 2011, it operates hundreds of servers in three locations. While our global traffic is growing, our goal is to provide the best possible experience for everyone in the world for our site, maximize uptime, and ensure that all information on Wikimedia projects is safe and secure. Providing the best possible tools for Wikimedia volunteers to do their wiki work is the foundation and core of the technology that makes Wikipedia and its sister projects possible, since its invention in 1995. Things have changed a lot since then. The Wikimedia projects are based on the open-source wiki software MediaWiki, which we have developed and improved. Our goal is to make it easy to contribute knowledge, and to give volunteers and readers great tools to evaluate and improve the quality of articles. We are pioneers and innovators in some areas. We must keep abreast of the ever-changing major trends in the web of which we are a part at a minimum. Because we have open source software, everyone can use and improve it. Develop resources to recruit new volunteers Wikipedia is made up of people. To grow our global community, we need to motivate people to be a part of it, and help them in their first steps. To this end, we develop and maintain a library of educational resources, such as videos and screenshots, as well as print "How I Created" and other targeted resources (for teachers, librarians, students, etc.). See the awareness resource shelf. Partnerships with Cultural Institutions Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums enable and protect world history, culture and knowledge. Their mission is to serve and educate the public, as Wikimedia is. We have been successful in partnering with cultural institutions around the world, not only working with them to make digital versions freely available, but also improving Wikipedia content and content.

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