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October 28, 2021

The Wikipedia community is a term for the totality of contributors to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. One of them is called a Wikipedia. Most of the community contributors are volunteers. As the encyclopedia grew, new categories emerged, including "Resident Wikipedia" and Wikipedia on Mission. There was a great deal of controversy over the payment of fees to some Wikipedia editors, which necessitated the intervention of the Wikimedia Foundation itself.


Wikipedia community is a translation of the term Wikipedia Community and other synonyms can be used such as Wikipedia community or Wikipedia collection. There is a category that has used the term "Wikipedian Legion" on the Internet.

Community size

Statistics indicate a steady growth in the number of contributors at the beginning of the encyclopedia, and at the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century AD, the growth slowed. In November 2011, the total contributors were 31.7 million registered users in all languages. Of them, the number of active users was 27,000 each month. In April 2008, researchers estimated that the effort required to produce Wikipedia was 100 million man-hours. In October 2013, the number of editors became 31,000, a decrease of 30% compared to 2007, and the number is still decreasing. Despite this decline, the encyclopedia is still growing and the number of articles is increasing. Statistics show that half of the contributors spend an hour a day editing, while a fifth of editors spend more than three hours a day.

Size of the Arab Wikipedia community

On October 28, 2021, the statistics of Arabic Wikipedia recorded that the number of registered users of Arabic Wikipedia is 2,150,052 members, including 5,547 activists, 27 administrators, 5 bureaucrats, 965 editors, 79 reviewers and 0 confirmed users.


There is a lot of research on the incentives that motivate contributors to volunteer to work in the encyclopedia.

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In 2007, Oded Nouf conducted a research comparing the motives of Wikipedia users to volunteer with eight motives considered motivating volunteering: Values: values ​​related to chivalry and helping others. Communication: interacting with friends and participating in activities that bring others pride. Understanding: expanding knowledge by doing activities. Professional: Gain practical experience and skills. Preventive: such as reducing guilt about social discrimination. Development: Demonstrate possession of knowledge to others. Creed: Supporting a belief, especially the dissemination of free knowledge. Fun: enjoying work. The results of the research showed that the most important incentives that motivate Wikipedians to volunteer are: fun, faith and values. The least effective incentives are: professionalism, communication and prevention.

Wikimedia Foundation Research

The Wikimedia Foundation has done extensive research with readers

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