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October 28, 2021

It is very easy to edit and modify most Wikipedia pages. Click the Edit this page link at the top of the page, which will take you to another page with the article edit box. The box contains the contents that can be modified or added. If you like to experiment with how to edit and edit in Wikipedia, you can visit the Wikipedia Playground. Write freely, and remember to leave a short summary of what you have done in the space provided at the bottom of the edit box, and when you are finished click on Save Page at the bottom of the edit box, but please review and confirm your changes by clicking on Show preview before saving. To write on the article's talk page, click on the discussion link at the top and then on the edit link. Remember to sign your name after you finish editing the talk pages. Do not leave the signature on the pages of articles because your name is automatically saved in the list of modifiers on the article in the history of the page if you have an account and logged in correctly. Some editors copy text into their text editors, to do the editing, check spelling, and then copy it back to the browser to view the edits. This saves you online time or a number of unimportant adjustments. Watch the introduction video

Minor modifications

When a registered user edits a page, they can mark their modification as a minor modification by selecting the This is a minor modification box located at the bottom of the edit box. Minor modifications usually include correcting spelling, page formatting, or rearranging its contents. You can hide minor edits when viewing recent changes. It is not appropriate to refer to major edits as minor, especially if they include deleting parts of the article. In the event that you indicate your edits as minor by mistake, you must re-edit the page and make sure that the This is a minor modification box is unchecked (mention in the summary box that your previous modification was not minor).

Coordination of letters and words


When creating internal links to pages within Wikipedia, you can give the link a different name from the link title by typing a label Example Go to Playground Produces Go to Playground.

Mathematical Formulas TeX

See Help:TeX Formulas


Links, titles and images

Once you put a word in square brackets like [[]], the word will become an internal link in the encyclopedia. For example, type: [[Egypt]] and you will get Egypt in the form of a link that takes you to the Egypt page. Pre-existing pages appear blue. As for pages that have not yet been created, for example [[bla blah]], they appear in red, indicating that they are not created

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