Darien Airport


January 20, 2022

Darin Airport or Al-Rafia Airport and is called according to British documents the Hejaz-Najd Air Force on Darin Island and Dareen Air Station. There is no exact date for the exact time of construction of the airport, but it is likely that the airport was established in 1329 AH / 1911-1912 AD during the First World War. Dareen Airport is a military airport and is considered the oldest and first airport in the history of Saudi Arabia, and the first airport in the Arabian Gulf after Manama Airport in Bahrain. A plane landed weekly at Dareen Airport coming from Al-Qudaibiya Airport in Manama. It stopped working in 1932 and was abandoned in 1939, leaving only the fuel depot room, which is isolated from the building and the runway, which was 600 meters away from the sea coast. The last room was left unattended behind a fence and an identification board, whose threat of collapse has called historians and historical researchers to demands that it be restored and opened to visitors.


Dareen Airport is located in the Al-Rafia area in the northeastern side of the town of Darin, on Tarut Island in Qatif. Darien Airport is 600 meters from the coast of Ramlet Al Bayda Beach. The area on which the airport is located takes a large piece of the coast extending longitudinally, and its land is characterized by solidity, intensity and flatness as a result of the saturation of its sandy soil with water, while this piece of land is characterized by being free of rocks and natural obstacles, with a total area of ​​about 1 km2. The airport is bounded to the east by the sea, to the north by Mazraat al-Kuwaiti, to the west by Riyadh Street, and to the south by Darin. The airport is about 300 meters away from the current Al-Jazira club site in Darin.


The old airport consists of 3 small rectangular rooms, two of them are adjacent to each other, and the rooms are built of mud, sea stones, and mattresses. Stones and muddy marine rocks. Al-Bandira is more than 100 meters away from the two airport rooms to the west, and its height is 20 meters. It was removed by the municipality of Tarout in 1970. Another extreme room is located northwest of Al-Bandira, and this room is the only one that exists so far, and until recently it contained several parts of an old aircraft dismantled and stored.


It is believed that Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Shawush - one of the elderly people of Darin - was famous and an expert in building the masts of large sailing ships.

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