Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization


January 18, 2022

The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization is an international organization that brings together 12 countries, established in 1999, located in the Black Sea and Southern Balkans. The activity of the Economic Cooperation Organization in the Black Sea region focuses on the economic aspect of integration without squandering its attention on defense and politics.


The organization was established on May 1, 1999 on the basis of the Treaty on Economic Cooperation in the Black Sea Region, which was signed on June 25, 1992. The member states of the organization agreed on the statement that sets out the main objectives of the organization, including closer economic cooperation between the participating countries and the free movement of goods, capital, services and manpower. and integration between the economies of the participating countries and the global economic system. There is a special task that results from the establishment of the organization, which is the formation of a free trade area in the territories of the participating countries, which can be achieved according to the opinion of the participating countries within the framework of the general trend towards forming a united European economic arena. The population of the member states of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization is 330 million. The region is rich in natural resources. It also possesses a skilled workforce. The organization includes large European and non-European countries as observer members, including Austria, Belarus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia and the United States, as well as international organizations such as the Energy Charter Conference, the International Black Sea Club, the Committee of European Associations and the Special Committee for the Protection of the Black Sea. The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization also cooperates with the European Union and the Baltic Sea region organizations.


The organization includes the following countries as permanent members of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization: The founding members are: Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Bulgaria Georgia Greece Moldova Romania Russia Turkey Ukraine

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