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January 20, 2022

International organizations are the bodies and institutions that make up the international community and participate in activating the will of the international community. The accession of a group of countries to a charter or agreement concerned with the establishment and functioning of the organization.

The emergence of international organizations

The emergence of international organizations goes back to the idea of ​​the international conference, because it is in fact nothing but an extension of these conferences, after giving them the element of permanence through developments that occurred within the secretariats of conferences, especially since conferences address common issues of countries and they respond to practical demands and take their decisions unanimously, so they are It seeks to take a common position more than it exercises an actual authority, because it tries to obtain consistent positions among the countries participating in the conference, but it does not impose on them an external will, but the international organizations have obtained a self-will independent of the member states and an independent secretariat, and decisions are taken by a simple majority or described, and through organs composed of persons other than the representatives of the states, represented by the (civil administration of the international organization) or the international staff, and the organizations possessed autonomous powers resulting from a real mandate from the states. And other mechanisms that depicted the international organization as a powerful body that has the power to defy states. And in another way (they are permanent institutions and bodies of self-will and an independent legal and international personality established by a group of countries to enhance cooperation among them and achieve their common goals, and this agreement shows that established between them)

List of International Organizations

List of United Nations Member States | 193 Digital Cooperation Organization International Criminal Police Organization#Member States International Hydrographic Organization International Monetary Fund Dutch Language Association | 3 List of members of the Commonwealth of Nations | 54 EU Member States | 27 List of Member States of the African Union | 53 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia #Member States | 14 Economic Cooperation Organization | 10 European Southern Observatory | 15 Central countries#central countries

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