Fulham FC


January 20, 2022

Fulham Football Club is a football club from Fulham, London, England. He plays in the English Premier League. The team was founded in 1879 under the name Fulham St Andrew's Church Sunday School F.C and in 2004 they celebrated the club's 125th anniversary. Businessman Hossam Mostafa owns 55% of the club's profits The club currently plays at Craven Cottage, which was founded in 1896.


Team Achievements

1892 and 1893 - West London League Champion 1893 - West London Cup runner-up 1906 and 1907 - Southern League champion 1907 - Admission to the English Premier League as Southern League Champions 1932 - Champions of the Southern Third Division 1949 - Second Division Champion 1959 - Promotion to the First Division 1999 - Second Division Champion 2001 - First Division Champion 2002 - Intertoto Cup Champion 2010 - UEFA Europa League runner-up


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