hat trick


October 28, 2021

A hat trick or a treble is a player scoring three goals in one match in football and some other sports. And when he scored four goals, he is said to have scored a super hat-trick. And if the player scores six goals, it is called a double hat-trick, and nine goals are called a triple hat-trick.


In Arabic

The word hattrick is widely used in several Arab newspapers and sports websites such as Al Jazeera and Sky News Arabia, as well as by several famous commentators in the Arab world such as Issam Al Shawali, Raouf Khalif and Hafeez Darraji. In addition to the word "hat-trick", the mentioned sites sometimes use the word "triple", but the percentage of its use remains small compared to the first.

History of the term's use in the English language

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the term occurred in 1878 when a cricketer named H. Stevenson raised his hat when he scored three consecutive points in an international match in which he led his country to victory over France, which then became a habit for English players. Other sources say that the first use of the phrase began before that, in 1858, when the player Rom Light raised his hat in respect of Queen Victoria after a match that brought his team "Birmingham" against "Sheffield" in the FA Cup final, after he scored three goals. As for the term “super hat-trick”, it has become known as the player scoring more than three goals in one match, and it is customary in the football game that the player who scores a hat-trick in the match carries the match ball with him after it ends, so that it becomes his as a souvenir.


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