Wahb bin Munabbih


January 20, 2022

The historian Wahb bin Munabbih is Wahb bin Munabbih bin Kamil bin Saj ​​bin Dhi Kabar (34 AH - 114 AH) He is a great follower, he has knowledge of the books of the early ones and my storytelling is considered the oldest of the books in Islam. He was one of those who read books, adhered to worship, persevered in knowledge, and abstained from asceticism. The biographers considered him to be of the third class of followers. Al-Dhahabi said about him: His narration of the Musnad is few, but the abundance of his knowledge in the Israelites, and from the sheets of the People of the Book. Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Al-Tirmidhi, Al-Nasa’i and Muhammad bin Majah narrated it in the interpretation. Wahb was interested in the news of the Arabs in the pre-Islamic era, and he narrated the news of non-Arabs that he gleaned from the holy books, and his news is dominated by the character of folkloric stories; That is why he is described as "a news historian and a scholar of ancient myths".

His life

He is Wahb bin Munabbih bin Kamel bin Sage Abu Abdullah Al-Sanani. It is said: Dhamari relative to Dhamar in Yemen. He was born in the year 34 AH. Wahb was of Yemeni Jewish descent, and it is said that his father converted to Islam during the time of the Prophet, so he converted to Islam and settled in Yemen. It is believed that Wahb was ascetic at the end of his life, due to the large number of sacred religious books he read and the biographies of the prophets and messengers who came before Muhammad. Wahb died in the year 110 AH. As Ibn Kathir mentioned in the beginning and the end in the events of the year 110 AH, and his death in Sana'a, Yemen.

His works

Most of what is narrated about Wahb is wisdom and sermons, and his knowledge was abundant in the Israelites and the newspapers of the People of the Book, and his narration of hadiths is few. Wahb has written several books on various topics, but none of his books have arrived in full. Rather, the matter was limited to quotes that were quoted from him by Ibn Ishaq, al-Tabari, Ibn Qutayba and others. The book “The Crowned Kings of Donkeys and their news, stories, tombs and poetry” are attributed to him. Parts of it have reached us in Ibn Hisham’s book “The Crowns in the Kings of Donkeys,” as well as the book “The Beginner” whose title refers to the beginning of creation, and Ibn Qutayba relied on it in The book “Al-Maaref”, Al-Tabari in his book “The History of the Messengers and Kings”, Al-Maqdisi in his book “The Beginning and the History”, and Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Tha’labi in his book “The Majlis Brides in the Stories of the Prophets.” Who also wrote: prophets' stories good guys stories book of destiny Israeli women book

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