October 28, 2021

A wiki is a type of website that allows visitors to add and modify content, often without any restrictions. The word wiki may also refer to wiki programs used to run this type of website. The word wiki (/wiːkiː/) in Hawaiian means "" Very fast.” This word has been used for this type of content management system to denote the speed and ease of modifying the contents of websites.

History of the wiki system

The first site called "Wiki" appeared on March 25, 1995, the Portland Pattern Repository, meaning "Portland Pattern Repository". It was created by Ward Cunningham, who chose the word "wiki" for this type of site, and in the late 1990s the use of wiki programs increased to create private or public information bases, and today the English section of Wikipedia is the largest wiki on the Internet. A wiki allows users to add, edit, or delete its contents through a web browser.

Distinctive Features

Wikis allow visitors to edit site topics collectively, in a simple markup language, and using a browser. What distinguishes wikis in general is the ease of creating new topics or updating and modifying old topics without the need for supervision agreeing to create or modify pages usually, and some wikis do not even require logging in to the site to create or modify topics with additional features.


Wikis keep all their content in a forked database, and wikis can know every page and every link between pages, and it doesn't matter where the pages are here, the participant in editing the wiki's contents has to make some words act as a link and the wiki will activate these links, if the link is Points to an existing page, the visitor will navigate to it, and if it points to a non-existent page, a form will appear to add its contents, and when the page is created, the wiki will automatically activate every link that links to this new page and that's very good.

Organize Contents

There is no specific structure for organizing content in wikis, any site can organize its contents in the way that suits it. Usually wikis do not have pages that organize content except in large wikis such as Wikipedia, in Wikipedia there is a home page that leads the visitor to subsections or topics directly, and it is possible to move from one topic to another without having to go through pages that organize and divide the contents. This flexibility in wiki is not available in traditional sites that force the site owner to create a specific structure for the contents of the wiki.

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