November 29, 2021

wikipedia , the second is pedia and derived from the word encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia in which any user can edit, edit and create new articles. In March 2009 Wikipedia had approximately 15 million articles, written in approximately 292 languages. August 17, 2009: The English Wikipedia reached 3 million articles. Articles are written collaboratively by volunteers from around the world, and the vast majority of the encyclopedia's content can be modified by anyone with an Internet connection. Wikipedia's fame has been growing steadily since its inception. Wikipedia from English Wikipedia is an abbreviation of two words: a wiki in English Wiki (a type of collectively edited website), and the second word is Pedia from the word Encyclopedia, which in Arabic means an encyclopedia. Wikipedia's main servers are located in Tampa, Florida, and others are located in Amsterdam and Seoul. Wikipedia is one of the ten most popular websites in the world. As a result of the nature of Wikipedia that allows any user to modify its articles, critics and analysts have questioned its reliability and accuracy. Since any user can make edits to the contents of the encyclopedia, anonymous or registered users of the encyclopedia are more likely to add false or unverified information, or vandals to delete sections of articles or add personal comments or biased opinions, especially on political and religious topics. Doubts are also raised about the impartiality of the articles in Wikipedia, and the accuracy of the information contained in these articles. The Wikipedia encyclopedia has defined a set of policies and instructions that encyclopedia users must abide by when editing and modifying the contents of the encyclopedia.

History of Wikipedia

The Wikipedia project began on January 15, 2001 as a complement to the Nupedia project, which is written by expert editors. Due to the slow development of Nupedia, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger decided to create an open project to support Nupedia, Wikipedia. And it contains 600,000 articles in English and 2 million articles in other languages ​​combined, according to Jimmy Willis. Major languages ​​such as German, Japanese, French and Western European languages ​​are also large, a third of the visits

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