October 18, 2021

Literature is the part of the law governing the writing of edit summaries and discussions of Wikipedia, which is one of the Five Pillars of Wikipedia. The law of politeness states that people should treat each other politely. Even during heated debates, editors must treat each other calmly, politely, and thoughtfully, in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to achieving the overarching goal of developing Wikipedia's content. This policy applies to all Wikipedia pages including user pages, discussion pages, edit summaries, and any discussion between users on Wikipedia. Non-adherence to literature during discussion can take many forms, including personal attacks, rudeness, and the use of hostile language, which may raise problems among the editors. Editors are human and prone to error, and a few sporadic small errors does not mean they are impolite. However, the constant and conspicuous repetition of non-polite behavior may cause problems in the work of Wikipedia and thus prevent the user from editing.

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