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October 28, 2021

Start Wikipedia

The Arabic Wikipedia was launched in July 2003 as a result of cooperation between foreign and Arab Wikipedia users, the first of which was the user Elian and the user Issam Bayazidi.

First period in Wikipedia

In the early days of the encyclopedia, the basic structure of the wiki was translated and many basic topics such as countries, dates, and months were translated. Serious work did not actually begin until early 2004, with the arrival of a group of young people headed by: Abu Sulaiman Moustafa Aimen western Ahmed. The second generation of Wikipedians was: soft sage of damascus junior Zayani jack Khaled (Oxido). During this period, many pages of the policies and teachings of the encyclopedia were translated and created. The contribution of Mr. Ahmed Auf by donating most of his intellectual work to put it under the GNU license had a major role in that period in increasing and enriching the number of Arabic Wikipedia articles.


Mid 2005

Since mid-2005, the work team has consisted of new members, the most important of whom are Kaus and Tarawneh, forming a new work team, the most important members of which were Firas Al-Tayeb, Al-Zayani, Mido 1919, Oxido, Beginner and others. It was a small but distinguished team and was able to raise the number of Arabic Wikipedia articles and try to enrich its content as much as possible.

1000 articles

In August 2005, a number of users, led by Kaos, launched a campaign in Wikipedia aimed at raising articles to a limit of a thousand articles (this number was a dream at the time). 2005). One of the most important plans that were agreed upon was that increasing the number of encyclopedia articles was linked to ensuring the quality of the content and providing publicity for the project through the support of the Google search engine, through which many existing users reached the encyclopedia. The next goal was to cross the 10,000 articles barrier before the end of 2005.

End of 2005

The most important achievement of the recent work team was the creation of many templates and lists, and an attempt was made to index and categorize the encyclopedia's topics extensively. Emphasis was also placed on the neutrality of the encyclopedia, and new users were encouraged to write their articles themselves instead of transferring them without respecting copyrights here and there. At the end of 2005 a new group joined Classic_971, Marquis, Mimouni and Mohamed Khalil. By the end of 2005.

10000 Articles

The encyclopedia managed to cross the barrier of ten thousand articles, and since then the Arabic encyclopedia has gained weight and presence on all the main pages of Wikipedia in most languages. Most of the basic topics have been covered and the most important articles to create have been identified.


With the passage of 2006, the number of shareholders began to increase

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