Wikipedia: Agree


October 28, 2021

Compatibility is the best method for achieving project objectives. Consensus does not mean unanimity, which is the preferred outcome, but unfortunately it is difficult to achieve. One of the most important goals of consensus is to reach conflict resolution in a manner consistent with Wikipedia's policies and objectives; At the same time, it minimizes the damage, especially angering the fewest editors. This article is intended to explain the compliance policy, to provide methods for accessing it, and the steps required to proceed if compliance is not reached.

Abbreviation of Basic Compatibility Rules

Adopting the discussion in a way that is better between the disputants themselves. Adhere to the encyclopedia's policies and rules. Civilized constructive debate. Adopting creative solutions that combine opposites. Stay away from personalization, and consider the discussion as a battle to prove a point of view, or ideology or to win a battle. Adopting the logic supported by reliable sources that are accepted by all parties. Adopting the principle of “silence is consent”, meaning that whoever does not object to an amendment or solution is considered satisfied with this consensus, even if the silence is due to ignorance or a circumstantial reason. Disputants may seek advice or advice from neutrals in the Wikipedia community. In the event that it is impossible to solve the above methods, the administrators who will take binding decisions according to Wikipedia principles, but they will not interfere in discussions on the topic of the article, can be consulted. In the event that administrators intervene in the dispute, any decision they take is binding on everyone unless it conflicts with the encyclopedia's policies. Any conflict that amounts to liberation wars or destructive actions, the participants in it may be punished with ban or expulsion. Voting is not used to resolve consensual disputes. Voting in the field can be adopted according to the Wikipedia laws that make voting the most hated halal.


Wikipedia basically works by compatibility. Compatibility in general is an essential and vital part of working in a wiki's system and operations. These basic processes can be described as follows: someone is editing a page, then it is the turn of other registered and unregistered users to see that edit, and either decide to change what was edited in the article or keep it as is. The process of changing the edit may be towards developing the content and presentation, or restoring an old version of the article (each article has a history in which all original and modified versions of any article are kept). Over time, each modification that is made and remains on the page, in a sense, signifies a general, consensual acceptance of the new page's content by the Wikipedia community. “Silence equals consent” is one of the basic rules of consent and

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