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October 28, 2021

Wikipedia is a collaborative project, with its founders and participants aiming for a common goal: Our goal with Wikipedia is to create a free and reliable encyclopedia, and indeed to create the largest encyclopedia in history, both in breadth and depth. Wikipedia has some policies and guidelines that help us work toward this common goal. Some of these policies are still in the process of formation, while others have been in place for a long time and are no longer subject to much controversy. Although our policies continue to grow, many Wikipedians feel that writing rules is not something that can cover every variety of provocative or harmful behavior. For example, it may criticize a user who acts contrary to the spirit of our written policies, even if they do not violate their letter. Those who write in good faith, display civic behavior, seek agreement, and work towards their goal of creating an unbiased encyclopedia will find themselves in a welcoming environment.

Basic Policies

You don't need to read all of Wikipedia's policies before you contribute to them! However, the following policies are essential to a productive Wikipedia experience. The faster you understand it, the better you will do. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia project, and is no more than this. See Wikipedia List for more information. Avoid bias. Topics should be written from a neutral point of view that represents all points of view on the topic at hand. Not infringing copyrights, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia project licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Adding work (either articles or photos) that contains copyright infringement threatens our goal of building a free encyclopedia that anyone can republish, and this can lead to legal problems. See copyright for more information. Respect other contributors. Contributors to Wikipedia come from many countries, different cultures, and have diverse opinions. Treating others with respect is the basis for successful collaboration to build Wikipedia. For some guidance, see Wikipedia's Conduct, Book of Engagement Rules, Civic Conduct, and Conflict Resolution.

Public Policies

Ignore all policies. policies and guidelines. Wikipedia is not. Privacy Policy (Wikimedia Policy). Terms of Use (Wikimedia Policy).

Other Policies and Guidelines

Several policies can be accessed by the following classifications: Category:Official Wikipedia Policies - The widely accepted policies that are generally followed by everyone. Category:Wikipedia Guidelines - Generally agreed-upon informal rules that apply to many situations.


By following the following conventions we can produce a more consistent and more usable encyclopedia: Editorial policy (how to edit articles). bare

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