October 17, 2021

Wikipedia is a digital, multilingual, free-content encyclopedia. Anyone can edit it without registration, and anyone can make use of the content, and exploit it for commercial or other purposes in accordance with the encyclopedia license. There are 317 versions of Wikipedia in a different language. In the Arabic version, more than 4,884 active contributors contribute over 1,140,048 articles, and thousands of visitors, from all over the world, edit and create new articles every day.


Since Wikipedia was established in 2001, it has grown rapidly to become one of the largest sites on the Internet, attracting more than 100 million visitors per month, in October 2014. The Arabic version of Wikipedia started in July 2003, and is still in the process of building contents, so Any modification or addition, no matter how simple it seems, is of great value to this project.

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Wikipedia:Introduction Help:Editing basics Wikipedia:Visitor administrators do not need any superlatives to participate in Wikipedia, so many contributors, of all ages and cultural backgrounds, edit on it. Anyone can - except in rare cases - edit pages, and can click the "edit" link at the top of all pages, except for some private protected pages. Anyone's contribution with references to reliable sources on Wikipedia is welcome in accordance with some policies and guidelines, but texts without any source are subject to deletion. Wikipedia's strength lies in its content management system, called MediaWiki, where there is no need to worry about adding or improving information. Several contributors to Wikipedia are willing to provide help, advice and correction about contributions. You can start working now on the Arabic Wikipedia. If you want to write a new topic, or are confused about what to write, just check out our suggested articles page.

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