Wikipedia:Your first article


October 28, 2021

This is essential information before writing your first article: Try editing existing articles first to learn how to edit in Wikipedia, and read good articles. Search Wikipedia before you write the article to make sure it doesn't exist. Try searching anonymously and with common spellings or possible translations. If you are fluent in translating from another language such as English, we have made an easy and simple tool for you, the Content Translation Tool. (Explanation of the use of the tool) Collect references for the information you want to add, articles without authoritative references may be deleted. Do not write articles about yourself or your friends, advertising pages, or personal research. Try to get the opinion of other contributors to the article you want to create, for example on project talk pages or portals on Wikipedia. Consider drafting the article in a subpage of your user domain (you must have an account on Wikipedia) and take other contributors to its content, well documented and format. Once the page is ready to publish, it can be moved to the Articles domain. Gather references from reliable and well-known sources; confirmation of the above. Create a new page. List your sources of information and references and indicate the importance of the article. Remember that if you write an article that violates the applicable policies, it will likely be deleted quickly, as Wikipedia has a system for reviewing new pages, where users review all articles shortly after they are created. Articles that violate the noticeability policy and unverified information from reliable independent sources are very likely to be removed.

Find an existing article

Arabic Wikipedia already contains a lot of articles, so before you create a new article, you should consider that it is not on Wikipedia. The article you are about to write may be on Wikipedia but under a different name, you can search here and then see how to name articles in Arabic Wikipedia. If the topic you are about to write about is already inside Wikipedia and you may see that its name is written in a different spelling ... or under a name that is not common in the language, learn how to add conversions to the name of the article, adding conversions is an urgent need to help Arabic Wikipedia, see also the list of articles that Deleted to avoid writing a previously deleted article. If you could not find the article you want to write about through your Wikipedia search, broaden your search for topics that could contain what you want to write about and then try to enrich them with the information you want to add, for example if you want to write about A singer or musician, you can search for

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