Arabic Wikipedia


October 28, 2021

Arabic Wikipedia is the Arabic version of Wikipedia. It was launched on July 9, 2003, and on October 25, 2021 it had 1,140,879 articles and 2,147,124 registered members, including 5,198 active users and 47,569 uploads. Arabic Wikipedia occupies the 16th place in terms of the largest Wikipedias according to the number of articles, and ranks 8th in terms of depth, surpassing the percentage of depth in the Russian, Italian, German, Spanish and other Wikipedias, and receiving 1.2% of the volume of Wikipedia visitors around the world; However, it covers a void for the Arabic-speaking user, as there is an encyclopedic tradition in languages ​​spread globally through comprehensive and modern encyclopedias in the form of volumes or DVDs (such as Encyclopedia Britannica in English), while the Arabic Wikipedia plays this role due to the lack of spread of quality Arabic encyclopedic projects in Form volumes in the Arab world (such as the Arab Encyclopedia and the International Arab Encyclopedia) as well as the presence of Wikipedia in the first results of search engines.


At the beginning of Wikipedia in 2001, there were calls for the creation of an Arabic domain for Wikipedia sponsored by Arab Engineers. The domain was made under the title "", but there were only serious attempts by anonymous users who were experimenting with the idea. As of February 7, 2003, all contributors to Arabic Wikipedia were non-Arab volunteers from the International Wikipedia Project that handled technical aspects. Elizabeth Barrow, who used the username Elian on the Arabic Wikipedia, tried to reach out to many Arabs who might be interested in the project. The only group that responded was the Arab Eyes team that was working on defining open source initiatives. The team approached Elizabeth's request conservatively, as they were ready to participate, not to take a leadership role, and over time, their participation waned. On February 2, 2003, during the negotiation period, the volunteers from the German Wikipedia were completing the development of the technical infrastructure of the Arabic Wikipedia backbone and in 2003 the Jordanian student Rami Awad Al-Tarawneh knew the English Wikipedia, and began adding its content. Contributors encouraged him to start the Arabic Wikipedia, which opened in July 2003. That year, there was a significant group of contributors, including Tarawneh and 4 other Jordanians studying in Germany. On February 7, 2004 one member of Arab Eyes, Issam Bayazid, along with 4 of the His friends to volunteer in Arabic Wikipedia and take some leadership roles. In 2004, Bayezid was assigned the responsibilities of operating the system, and he and 5 volunteers (Ayman, Abu Suleiman, Mustafa Ahmed, and Bassem A.

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