February 10


January 20, 2022

February 10, February 10, or February 10 (the tenth day of the second month) is the forty-first (41) day of the year according to the Western Gregorian (Gregorian) calendar. There are 324 days left until the end of the year, or 325 days in leap years.


1258 - The fall of Baghdad to the Mongols, and the end of the Abbasid Caliphate. 1863 - American inventor Alanson Crane patents the first fire-extinguishing device in the United States. 1927 - The founding of the League against Imperialism and Colonialism in Brussels, Belgium. 1931 - New Delhi becomes the capital of India. 1932 - Saeed bin Taimur takes over the rule of Oman and Muscat after his father, Taimur bin Faisal, steps down. 1934 - A ship carrying Jewish immigrants breaks the ban imposed by the British Mandate on Palestine on Jewish immigration to Palestine. 1943 - Algerian leader Farhat Abbas issues a statement to the Algerian people. This statement is the reference text for the Algerian liberation revolution, which ended with Algeria's independence. 1964 - Iraqi President Abdul Salam Aref agrees with Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani on a ceasefire and granting the Kurds autonomy in northern Iraq. 1972 - The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah joins the Federation of the United Arab Emirates. 1982 - The Palestinian Communist Party is established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Diaspora, and the party's name is later changed to the Palestinian People's Party. 2008 - Egypt's national football team wins the 26th African Nations Cup in Ghana for the sixth time in its history. 2009 - Israelis head to the polls in the early Knesset elections, which came after Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni failed to form a government after Ehud Olmert's government resigned. 2011 - Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak announces, in a speech to the people, that he has delegated his powers to his deputy, Omar Suleiman, amending five constitutional articles, canceling a sixth article of the constitution, and offering an apology to the families of the victims of the popular protests. 2015 - Three young Muslims of the same family are murdered inside their home in a quiet neighborhood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the United States. 2016 - South Korea decides to decommission the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex with North Korea in response to the launch of Kwangmyeongsong-4. 2018 - Israel launches an attack on military targets in Syria, and the Syrian air defense forces down an Israeli fighter. 2021 - The Emirati Hope Probe and China's Tianwen-1 probe will reach Mars on February 9 and 10, respectively.


1785 - Navier, a French physicist. 1890 - Boris Pasternak, Russian writer and poet, winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature. Vanya Kaplan, Russian revolutionary. 1894 - Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister

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