January 15


January 20, 2022

January 15 or January 15 or January 15 (the fifteenth day of the first month) is the fifteenth (15th) day of the year according to the Western Gregorian (Gregorian) calendar. There are 350 days left until the end of the year, or 351 days in leap years.


910 - Announcing the establishment of the Fatimid state in Morocco after the success of Abu Abdullah Al-Shi’i in his call, attracting aides and supporters to it, and his pledge of allegiance to Ubayd Allah Al-Mahdi for the caliphate. 1559 - Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey, London. 1759 The British Museum opens. 1854 – The Russian army suffers a severe defeat at the Battle of Gatana in Romania from the Ottoman army, and the battle leads to the failure of the Russians to expel the Ottomans from Romania. 1892 - James Naismith publishes the Basketball Rules book. 1919 - The foundation of the Tunisian Esperance Sports Club. 1922 - The Republic of Ireland is proclaimed. 1934 – An earthquake in Bihar, India and Nepal, measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale kills 10,700 people. 1944 - The European Consultative Committee, made up of representatives of the Allied powers, decides to partition Germany. 1952 - Adib al-Shishakli, head of the Supreme Military Council, dissolves most of the political parties in Syria. 1966 - A military coup in Nigeria in which Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa is killed, and General Johnson Ironsi is installed as president. 1970 - Muammar Gaddafi becomes prime minister of Libya. 1971 - Egypt celebrates the completion of the construction of the High Dam. 1975 - Portugal signs the Treaty of Angola's independence. 1985 - Brazil returns to civilian rule after 21 years of military rule. 1990 - Civil war breaks out between the Soviet Republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan. 2001 - The start of the work of the open encyclopedia Wikipedia. 2006 -- The Kuwaiti Cabinet calls on Crown Prince Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah as Emir of the State of Kuwait after the death of Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. 2007 - Awwad Al-Bandar and Barzan Al-Tikriti are executed after being convicted of war crimes. 2009 - An Israeli plane raids the house of Hamas leader Saeed Siam and assassinates him, along with everyone who was with him. 2011 - Tunisian Parliament Speaker Fouad Mebazaa is sworn in as interim president of the republic, succeeding Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. 2013 - Hundreds were killed and injured in a bombing by the Syrian regime on Aleppo University in the vicinity of the Faculty of Architecture, and this was in conjunction with the students of Aleppo University organizing protest demonstrations to condemn the bombing of Syrian cities and to demand more freedoms. The regime denied bombing the university and accused the opposition. 2014 - The deportation of thousands of Salafists from Dammaj, northern Yemen, begins with the implementation of an agreement signed to end the siege of Dammaj. 2015 - The start of the championship competitions

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