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The founding of the city of General Roca, Río Negro is currently located in Argentina. Formosa was founded by Luis Jorge Fontana and is currently located in Argentina. Surrey, British Columbia, currently located in Canada. Establishment of the city of Kohima, currently located in India. Founding of the city of Kelowna and currently located in Canada. The founding of the city of Kotka is currently located in Finland. January 27: The city of Guigalpa is founded, now in Nicaragua. The Anglo-Zulu War took place from 11 January 1879 to 4 July 1879. The beginning of the Pacific War on April 5, 1879, which ended on April 4, 1884.

April - June

May 2 The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista Obrero Español) is secretly founded in a Madrid bar by typist Pablo Iglesias.


Muhammad Safa Bey Arthur Johnson Albert Einstein Assad Rostam Agnes Arbor Otto Han Owen Richardson Ethel Barrymore Ernst Doys Decker Ignatius Gabriel I Tebuni Ephraim Karlebach Emiliano Zapata Aimee Antoinette Camus Paul Klee Russian Beton Thomas Matthew Berry Khalifa bin Hareb Sarojini Naidoo Sengoro Hayashi Abdul Rahman Shahbandar Ali bin Hussein Gaetano Pirosini Vanessa Bell Carlos Chagas Leon Trotsky Leon Goo Max von Lowe Mohamed Eltaher Ben Achour Mustafa Al-Nahhas Hans Lotter Hoda Shaarawy Will Rogers Joseph Wert Youssef bin Issa Al-Qena'i Johannes Nikolaus Brønsted


March 14 - Albert Einstein, German scientist (d.


August 5 - Sate' al-Husari - Writer and national thinker. August 31 - Emperor Taisho of Japan (b.


James Maxwell Abdullah Bey Al-Zuhdi


June 20 - George Stephen, Australian lawyer (b.


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