June 18


January 20, 2022

June 18 or June 18 or June 18 or 6/18 (the eighteenth day of the sixth month) is the one hundred and sixty-ninth (169) day of simple years, or one hundred and seventy (170) day of leap years according to the Western Gregorian calendar ( Gregorian). There are 196 days left until the end of the year.


1264 - The Irish Parliament meets for the first time in its history in Castledermotte, County Kildare, in what is known as the first meeting of the Irish legislature in its history. 1429 - French forces led by Joan of Arc defeat the English army led by Sir John Fastolph in the "Battle of Bataille", which constituted a watershed in the course of the Hundred Years' War. 1757 - The Battle of Cologne takes place between the Prussian forces led by Frederick II and the Austrian army led by Count Leopold Joseph von Daun during the Seven Years' War. 1767 - English explorer Samuel Wallis arrives in Tahiti, becoming the first European to reach the island. 1778 - British forces under Sir Henry Clinton leave Philadelphia after 9 months of occupation, during the American War of Independence. 1805 - Muhammad Ali Pasha is officially installed as governor of Egypt, after the revolution of the people and scholars against the Ottoman governor, Khurshid Pasha. 1812 - The US Congress declares war on the United Kingdom in a war known as the War of 1812. 1815 - The Battle of Waterloo breaks out, in which Napoleon Bonaparte loses to the English. 1858 - Charles Darwin receives a paper from Alfred Russell Wallace containing results that are almost identical to what Darwin found on the theory of evolution, prompting Darwin to publish his theory. 1873 - Susan Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 US Presidential Election. 1913 - The opening of the "First Arab Conference" in Paris, which calls for the establishment of a decentralized administration in all the Arab states in the Ottoman Empire. The conference was chaired by Abd al-Hamid al-Zahrawi, who was executed on May 6, 1916, along with a number of other Arab nationalists. 1928 - American aviator Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane. 1940 - General Charles de Gaulle addresses the French people from Radio London, after the German occupation of France. 1945 - An indictment of high treason for broadcaster William Joyce for his role during World War II on German radio for England. 1953 - The establishment of the republic in Egypt is proclaimed, and Mohamed Naguib is installed as its president. 1954 - Pierre Mendes France becomes Prime Minister of France. 1956 - The evacuation of the last British soldier from the Suez Canal in Egypt, in implementation of the evacuation agreement. 1965 - The US Army uses B-52 Stratofortress . bombers

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