January 20, 2022


The founding of the city of Puerto Cabezas is currently located in Nicaragua. Founded city Chongqing is now located in China. Termez city established, currently located in Uzbekistan. Varkaus is now located in Finland. February 18: The founding of the city of Netanya. 7UP is released for the first time. Alexandria Stadium, the first football stadium in Africa and the Middle East. The collapse of the US stock market on October 29, called Black Tuesday, after a previous stock market crash 5 days ago on October 24, as the first step of the global economic crisis in the thirties. King Fouad of Egypt announces his full recognition of the Kingdom of Hejaz, Najd and its annexes. Austria establishes diplomatic relations with France after World War I, in which it faced problems in construction and the economy. Britain is holding a conference with France that includes their full cooperation in mutual relations. The Empire of Japan includes the need to establish a naval base near Horishama. Sabla battle


December 19 - Annulment of the "Fusula woman", an Iraqi law to compensate the family of the murdered with a woman from the murderer's family. The woman is called a fasaliah and forced to marry without a dowry, according to the custom of Iraq's clans. December 22 - A Round Table Conference takes place in London between representatives of the United Kingdom and India.


Anna Frank Aboul Fotouh Shousha Ahmed Fouad Negm Alfred Farag Antonio Carvajal Andrei Previn Audrey Hepburn Oleg Grabar Ibrahim Dakkak Iskandar Luke Ismail Al Jawsaki Ivar Jeffier Patriarch Alexy II Hassan II bin Muhammad Al-Shazly Bin Jadid Tayeb Salih Alfred Moisiu Al-Maidani bin Saleh Emery Curtis Branko Zibic Bud Spencer Peter de Angelis Constantinou's Bears Chet Baker Tomislav Crenkovic Jassim Al Qatami Jacqueline Kennedy James Last Jean Baudrillard Jamil bin Ibrahim Al-Hujailan Jules Sprolia John Charles Polanyi John Carter John Cassavetes Gilma Santos good ruler Hamza Aladdin Khaled Al Masoud Khair Eddin Haseeb Dieter Eberl Dietmar Kramer Dina bint Abdul Hamid Raouf Salama Musa Rajendra Kumar Raymond Lefevre Rudolf Mossbauer Raphael Eitan Ronald Gulias Richard Taylor Sami Sharaf Saeed Sonbol Scott Milne Matheson Salim El Hoss Sameer Mahboub Sunil Dutt Shlomo Argov Shams Badran Shawky Habib Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Salah Al-Tizani Salah Stetia Talal Maddah Amos Rapoport Abdel Halim Hafez Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Abdul Aziz Al-Badri Abdel Azim El Deeb Abdul Ghaffar Muhammed Abdul Ghani Sheikh Ahmed Adam Abdel Qader Alloula Abdul Latif Abu Haif Abdullah Al-Bardouni Othmane Belouizdad Izz Al-Din Al-Iraqi Aziza Helmy on

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