January 20, 2022


The founding of the city of Sidi Ifni is currently located in Morocco. The founding of the city of Kiryat Bialik. The founding of the city of Nahariya. The founding of the city of Kiryat Motzkin. The Banana Wars ended in 1934 which began in 1898. The Saudi-Yemeni War took place from February 1, 1934 to May 20, 1934. May 31 - Opening of the Egyptian Radio December 1 - The Moroccan National Movement submits a document of the Moroccan people's demands to the French protectorate authorities. December 7 - Kuwait was hit by heavy rains, which led to the demolition of a large number of homes and affected 18,000 people, and it was known as the year of destruction. US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt orders the creation of the world's first atomic bomb. The Soviet Union is sending 4,000 tanks to Nazi Germany, which it obtained from the Allies in World War I. The United States establishes relations with the Soviet Union for the first time through negotiations over World War I. Britain cut ties with Italy for having a treaty of cooperation with Nazi Germany. Austria holds a conference in Berlin discussing the First World War and its impact on the financial crisis. Hitler's rise to become President of the German Republic The fall of Jizan and Hodeidah to the Saudi army Lazaro elected president of Mexico Mussolini threatens to assassinate Italian players if they do not win the World Cup.


August 2 - Adolf Hitler becomes President of Germany


Amal Osman Abu Eid Dodo Ahmed Al Homsi Ahmed Al-Saadoun Ahmed Al Kubaisi Ahmed bin Saad Ahmed Seif Al-Islam Ahmed Shafiq (surgeon) Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab (Writer) Ahmed Akl Ahmed Mostajer Arturo Ituraldi Akram Fawaz Albert II of Belgium Alketas Panagolias Alexey Leonov Ole Vanger Ole Madsen Idris Hajj Daoud Imam Abdul Fattah Imam Ingrid Cotter Enrique Collar Sweidat Ould Wedad Abraham green Mr. Askar green chaste Peaceful Hadi Hedi Mustafa Bolqamah Betino Craxi Badruddin Jamjoom Pratibha Patel Brigitte Bardot Blagoy Videnec Betty Shabazz Pedro Perez Tasos Papadopoulos Thomas Lee Jj Hamza Abbas Hussein Jaber Qameha Jack Colvin Jan Wendling Jalal Al Sharqawi Jaloul Marbrouk Jamal Badawi (Writer) Friday Amin George Haddad George Moustaki Giorgio Armani John Andison John Dominic Crossan John Hall Jonas Savimbi Jerry Lordan Jim Enholff Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Qurashi Hussein Kamal Helmy Eltouni davi grossen Danny Chamoun Daniel Kahneman Daoud Hanania Dave McKay dreaded welding Ray Wilson Rainer Kirsch Please discuss Rashid Abdul Aziz Al-Rashed Robert Siatka Robert Moog Rosana Podesta Ronnie Moran Roy Emerson Richard Meyer Richard Laising Zakaria Boutros Ala flower Zaid bin Shaker thick cicada Saad

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