January 20, 2022


The founding of the city of Asfra, currently located in Tajikistan. The founding of the city of Migdal HaEmek.


February 6 - Queen Elizabeth II becomes Queen of Britain after the death of former King George VI The start of the Winter Olympics in Ontario February 26 - British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces that his country has a nuclear bomb


March 10 - General Batista returns to power in Cuba. March 20 - The US Senate ratifies a peace treaty with Japan. March 21 - The last two executions are carried out in the Netherlands. March 29 - US President Harry Truman announces that he will not run for president again.


April 4 - Israel seeks $3 billion in compensation from Germany. April 18 - Bolivia's national revolution gives the right to vote to indigenous people and women, nationalizes mines, and proclaims agrarian reform West Germany and Japan establish diplomatic relations April 23 - Nuclear tests in the Nevada desert. April 28 - Entry into force of the Treaty of San Francisco, ending the occupation of Japan Treaty of Taipei. Peace Treaty between Japan and the Republic of China


May 15 - Diplomatic relations are established between the governments of Israel and Japan at the level of commissions.


June 1 - The Catholic Church bans Andre Gide's books.


July 2 - Republic of Tunisia, the blessed birth of Abdullah Kamal Al-Barhoumi. July 13 - East Germany announces the formation of the People's Army. July 19 - August 3 The Summer Olympics are held in Helsinki. July 23 - Mohamed Naguib leads the Free Officers Movement to overthrow the Egyptian monarchy, known as the July Revolution. France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands make up the European Coal and Steel Community, and the nascent institution is the nucleus of what will become the European Union. July 26 - King Farouk I abdicated from the Egyptian throne and left the country for exile, ending the rule of the [clarify who is meant?] dynasty for Egypt.


August 11 - The Jordanian army asks King Talal to resign due to mental illness and his son Hussein succeeds him. August 13 - Japan participates in the International Monetary Fund. August 14 - West Germany joins the International Monetary Fund.


October 3 - The first British atomic bomb explodes.


December 14 - Successful surgery to separate Siamese twins at Mount Sinai Hospital, Ohio.


Abu Islam Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed Baqer Ahmed Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Ahmed Fouad II Ahmed Fareed Ahmed Nazif Ahmed Rasem Al-Nafis Art Malik Hamad Sinan Alan Simonsen Alain Gersey Alvaro Uribe Bélith Anatole

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