January 20, 2022


March 29 - The siege of Yasser Arafat, which lasted until 2004, begins. Siege of the Church of the Nativity from 2 April to 10 May. February 28 - The Gilberg community massacre takes place in Ahmedabad as a result of Hindus burning Muslim homes. June 30 - Brazil wins the FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan over Germany. July 28 - The launch of the Atlantic Bird 1 satellite. August 10 - Turkmenistan issues a law changing the names of the months and days of the week. September 10 - Switzerland - known for its neutrality - joins the United Nations. September - 2002 Klamath River fish kills. The discovery of the asteroid 222843


Confissa (song) by the famous Italian singer and composer Adriano Celentano



April 19 - Lauren Gray, American singer-songwriter and social media personality


May 15 - Hala Al Turk


November 10 - Eduardo Camavinga, French footballer



January 3: Amina Nour El-Din, Egyptian actress. January 3: Muhammad Al-Ali, Saudi actor. January 6: Fahd Abu Absi, Lebanese actor and poet. January 6: Sanya Dharmasakti, Prime Minister of Thailand. January 8: Alexander Prokhrov, a Russian physicist, was awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics. January 9: Bill McCutcheon, American actor. January 10: Esmat Al-Habrouk, Egyptian poet and writer. January 10: John Bussima, American comics artist (b. January 13: Ted Deem, American actor and director. January 16: Ron Taylor, American actor and singer. January 17: Camilo José Cela, Spanish writer and poet (b. January 19: Yehia El Alami, Egyptian director. January 19: Adly Khalil, Egyptian director. January 19: Martti Mittunen, Prime Minister of Finland. January 19: Vava, Brazilian footballer. January 21: Peggy Lee, American singer (b. January 22: Rushdi Al-Mahdi, Egyptian actor. January 23: Pierre Bourdieu, French sociologist (b. January 23: Robert Nozick, American philosopher (b. January 27: Magdy Ragab, Egyptian actor. January 28: Astrid Lindgren, Swedish author and screenwriter. January 29: Stratford Jones, British actor. January 30: Inge Murat, Austrian-American photographer (b.


February 1: Hildegard Knef, German actress and writer (b. 4 February: Agatha Barbara, President of the Republic of Malta. February 4: George Nader, American actor and novelist (b. February 6: Max Perutz, a British-Austrian chemist, was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. February 8: Ong Teng Cheung, President of Singapore. February 8: Zisinho, Brazilian footballer. February 9: Princess Margaret, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. February 10: Traudl Junge, Hitler's youngest secretary. February 11: Barry Foster, British actor

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