January 20, 2022

2007 is a simple year that started on Monday which is the seventh year of the third millennium and the eighth year of the 21st century. The year 2007 was chosen to be the International Heliophysical Year, the International Polar Year and the International Year of Languages.


Siege of British bases at Basra between 27 February and 3 September. The end of the Palestinian internal fighting in 2007, which began in 2006.


January 1 - Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union. January 1 - The euro is declared the official currency in Slovenia after the dollar is abandoned. January 1 - South Korean Ban Ki-moon becomes United Nations Secretary-General, succeeding Kofi Annan. January 1 - Smoking is banned in public places in Hong Kong. January 1 - Adam Airlines Civil Flight 572, as part of a regular flight, disappears, and the wreckage is found without the plane ten days later. January 1 - Angola joins OPEC. January 1 - War in Somalia: Islamic Courts fighters leave their last strongholds in Kismayo and flee to the Kenyan border. January 2 - The new government by force comes to power in Gelpatlar. January 3 - The Chinese government conducts anti-terror raids in Zhejiang. January 4 - Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the US House of Representatives. January 8 - Daniel Ortega becomes President of Nicaragua for the second time. January 8 - Russian oil supplies to Poland, Germany, and Ukraine are halted after the escalation of the Russian-Belarus energy dispute, and are renewed three days later. January 9 - The war in Somalia: American planes carry out air raids on terrorist strongholds. January 9 - A Tor-M Anatov An-26 combat air force plane is shot down in the Al-Balad district of Baghdad. And the Islamic Army allegedly blew it up. January 9 - Macintosh Corporation announces the production of the iPhone during the company's global forum. January 10 - US President George W. Bush announces a plan to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq. January 11 - In Bangladesh, President Lagdin Ahmed declares a state of emergency, after a series of protests triggered by the country's national elections. January 11 - Vietnam joins the World Trade Organization, becoming its 150th member. January 11 - China succeeds in choosing a ballistic missile base capable of hitting satellites in its orbit, which angered Western countries. January 12 - An Argentine judge includes the arrest of former Argentine President Isabel Martinez de Peron in connection with the 1976 disappearance of a human rights organization employee. January 12 - The US Embassy in Athens is under a missile attack, resulting in material losses, but no injuries. January 12 - Comet McCnut arrives,

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