June 23


January 20, 2022

June 23 or June 23 or June 23 or 6/23 (the twenty-third day of the sixth month) is the one hundred and seventy-fourth (174) day of simple years, or the one hundred seventy-fifth (175) of leap years according to the Western Gregorian calendar (Gregorian). 191 days remain after the end of the year.


1280 - The Battle of Moklin takes place between the armies of the Kingdom of Granada and the Crown of Castile, and the Kingdom of Granada is victorious. 1532 - King Henry VIII of England and King François I of France sign a secret treaty against the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King Charles V of Spain. 1724 - The signing of the Istanbul Convention between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire against the Safavid Empire. 1941 - Nazi Germany begins the invasion of the Soviet Union within the events of World War II. The Turkish cargo ship "Rafa" sank in the Mediterranean, after being hit by a torpedo launched from an unknown submarine. 1972 - Syrian prisoner Nazih Abu Saleh arrives in Syria after he managed to escape from Sarafand prison near Tel Aviv with two Palestinian prisoners by digging a tunnel under it. 1985 - An Air India plane explodes at 31,000 feet off the Irish coast, killing all 329 passengers. 1986 -- An international conference to combat AIDS is held in Paris. 1989 - The post of Prime Minister of Iran is abolished. 1990 - Moldova declares independence from the Soviet Union. 1991 - Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog game is produced. 2004 - Iran decides to release British sailors who entered Iranian territorial waters without permission. 2009 - Iran is expelling British diplomats, accusing them of interfering in internal affairs, and Britain retaliates by expelling Iranian diplomats. The Israeli authorities release Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Aziz Dweik after three years of detention. 2012 - The formation of a new Syrian government headed by Riad Farid Hijab. 2013 - An attack by some Egyptians on the Egyptian Shiite Sheikh Hassan Shehata leads to his death, after he made some offensive statements against some of the symbols of the Sunnis, according to a number of media outlets. 2016 - About 25 people were injured in an armed attack on a cinema in Wernheim in western Germany, and the perpetrator was killed. About 26 people were killed and hundreds of homes were damaged by a flood in West Virginia. 98 people were killed and 800 others injured as a result of Typhoon Jiangsu, which hit eastern China. Agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC ends the Colombian armed conflict. 2017 - Saudi security forces thwart several terrorist attacks in Jeddah, and in Makkah Al-Mukarramah near the Holy Mosque. 2019 - win m

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