Ibrahim Hammouda


January 20, 2022

Ibrahim Hammouda Ibrahim is an Egyptian actor and vocalist, his fame is Ibrahim Hammouda, he was born in Bab El Shearia 12 January 1912 - died 16 January 1986 His father was a vocalist in the Khazindar Mosque, then the father joined his son in his band He studied at the hands of Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab, Mustafa Reda, and Saqr Ali He sang in amusement parks. I move between theaters and casinos, the most famous of which is Badia Masabani Casino I work in the band “Seddik” Abu Ali Al-Kassar He appeared in the Scheherazade operetta in 1946, and starred in front of him, Raja Abdo and Aqila Ratib, and the director of this operetta was Zaki Tulaimat. The first singer to participate with Umm Kulthum in the duet songs, so she chose him herself to co-star with her in the movie "Aida". He was injured in an accident in Alexandria, which made him retire, and at the end of his days he suffered from poor memory He received the State Appreciation Award on March 8, 1978

His most famous songs

Write to us, judge navigator master An hour to meet you when I went to the gold market Oh, you ask God People envy me Oh morning with dreams for me Rose told me old country You and me and a night among the waves Rajya Yanur Al-Ain oppressed and your life You will miss me and the time will be too soon oh my heart I got my share Oh beauty of the countryside God you are pardon Hawk days Oh palm and mind reader My sisters, on taste and delicacy salutations from six fathers on our terrace Hana Al-Fouad come on knights People envy me flower gardens I miss you before you miss me I wish my eyes were sparkling Dates to meet you will be my nation A rose told him why are you picking me? I preferred to hide my hobbies from him More crying than laughing I wish my eyes were sparkling Write to us, judge She told me a rose is picking me, why? People's eyes slept Oh beauty of the countryside O master of the navigator, O lover of your beauty It's all easy Oh my heart, you are so hilarious We are alone Meet you dates

His movies


Scheherazade agriculture princess rostara

Radio Operetta

the dundom

National songs

to battle


The State Appreciation Award on March 8, 1978

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