Ibrahim Issa


November 28, 2021

Ibrahim Issa is an Egyptian journalist, born in November 1965, the founder of the Ad-Dustour Journal, the writer of a large number of books and he writes in a special column every day in the Ad-Dustour Journal. It is well-known that he belittles and mocks the political situation in Egypt or in the world in general. He was the editor-in-chief of the Journal until October 5, 2010, when the new owner of the Journal, Mr. El-Badawy, head of the New Wafd Party, dismissed him without giving reasons, and it was a surprise. And the opposition says that all of this is a plan from the Egyptian government to silence the opposition and eliminate the popular constitution, which is very popular. In other words, the reason for the dismissal of Issa is that he was determined to publish an article written by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, in which he talks about the October war and what the country is in now and The insistence of Mr. Al-Badawy that it does not spread, but in words that the whole issue is being prepared by parties in order to destroy the constitution’s general.


He first worked in Rose Al-Youssef magazine, from when he was a first-year student at the Faculty of Mass Communication. He presented the weekly Al-First program on Dream Channel and the Al-Siyasi program called on the coffee in a cynical manner, and he presented a program called “We Are Here” on OTV O. TV. Ibrahim Issa was also presented on Al-Tahrir channel, a member of the advisory board of the Arab Network for Information and Human Rights.

Ibrahim Issa and power

They consider him one of the most active Egyptian journalists, and he is protesting against what the government is doing in Egypt. As a result, three newspapers were closed to him. He was its editor-in-chief. And topped one of his novels (The Killing of the Old Man). I went to the court after its publication and wrote an article talking about the health of President Mubarak. It came at a time when rumors were circulating about the deteriorating condition of the Egyptian President. On June 26, 2006, he was sentenced to one year in prison and a bail of 10,000 pounds. However, the appeals court reduced the sentence to a fine of up to 4,000 dollar. I was subjected to trials by the security services, who accused him of publishing false news about the health of the President of the Republic. On September 13, 2007, a sentence of one year in prison was issued against him. He was retried in another district, which announced on September 28, 2008 its two-month prison sentence. Enforceable, so he surrendered to the police on the same day, but President Hosni Mubarak issued a presidential decree pardoning him on October 6, 2008. Many Egyptian intellectuals, opponents, and human rights associations in Egypt and the world sympathized with the case of Ibrahim Issa and announced that if Ibrahim was imprisoned, he would remain in prison. Prisoner of opinion and expression.

His story with the constitution

The constitution first appeared in December 1995 with the permission of Cyprus. The general was a big surprise, because his idea was innovative and new to newspaper work

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